The hospital visit…

It was time.  Time to get out of bed, take a shower for the last time with my son in my belly and get to the hospital.  Not that there was much sleep after the day we had yesterday.  We came downstairs and my in-laws were up and waiting for us to come down.  We said goodbye and left.  We got to the hospital and we were taken to our room.  A lot of this day is still a blur to me.  I remember being asked questions and getting a lot of blood work done.  The baby has rights after 24 weeks so they needed to make sure I didn’t do anything that caused him to die, pleasant thought.  I remember getting a lot of drugs, because at this point there was no more harm to my baby.  And now it was a waiting game.  The nurses were so amazing and we were in a large private room.  My husband was becoming familiar with the couch he would be sleeping on for our time there.  A couple of times I had different things done to me to try to speed up the process, and my doctor kept checking in with me.  At one point, she told my husband to go eat and he didn’t want to leave me so she offered to stay with me so that he could go, so he did.  My doctor sat with me for a while and I just kept saying that I didn’t understand why this was happening.  She was trying to comfort me but her words were not helpful because none of them said I would be going home with my son.  She ended up leaving that night and I had not yet gone into labor, so I would end up having a covering doctor.  Late at night my contractions started, and the labor began…

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